One piece of advice I've read is to pick a specific activity that's just for you and the baby, like a daily walk or reading time or something.

Your kiddo is going to love you but for you the most important thing will be finding ways to bond that are fun for you both. Another tip is to bring your baby to your wife every time they eat, so they associate you with that as well. If you're bottle feeding, you can do that as well. Still cooking ours, but I've been researching ways to make sure my husband gets in on all the fun and those are a few good tips I've read. For us, we bought a jogging stroller for him he got lots of alone time out on his runs.

Maybe find a way to incorporate your kiddo into your favorite activity?

Edit to add, as great as your mother in law will be, maybe just verbally set the expectation that you're excited for parenting and growing into your role as dad and doing this together with your wife.

I will always advocate taking a job for yourself, like diaper duty.

It's pretty easy and puts you in solid shape. Another thing I recommend, is right after birth, your wife is going to be 100% baby for a little bit, meaning you need to take care of the house, and her, so just own it. If you don't know how yet,* learn to use your laundry machines, dishwasher, etc.*, it will keep some semblance of put-togetherness in the very, very busy life you're going to see.

No amount of experience, knowledge or reading will help you to be a loving, caring, kind, and generous father.

Language like "Mrs. sad-crow and I are going to make such a great team!" or whatever kind of sets up the expectation that you will be equal partners with your wife in parenting decisions and helps set verbal boundaries that put you and your wife on the same team as you go into this. Others will pick up on the hierarchy and hopefully respect that. Not trying to sound overly adversarial, but even well-intentioned people can overstep out of love.

You'll learn fast and your baby will love you so much.