I should have said sprinkle in the title! They perfectly describes what I have in mind when I think of the ideal baby shower.

I know that people get hooked up with the idea of the idea of an elegant baby shower celebration but I am of the oppinion that they should also be fun, light hearted, and accessable to all. We already have all the big items we needed after our first child was born, so it was really only a matter of acquiring the small items that we needed, which we could do on our own. There was no need to start a registry simply because family members had requested it.

As I said, the idea was to have fun.

And I really did have a blast at my first. My first shower was a fancy baby showers were at the hostess' house, open house, a la carte meal, with some games (which could have been skipped) and some flowers in vases made one of the showers' decor. Super simple! I loved every minute of it!

A bay shower isn't meant to be a big fancy gathering. It's mainly going to be gathering with finger foods and cake. Don't go expecting a ton of gifts, but a few family members are bound to contribute.

The birth of a child is a beautiful thing.

And I don't know any mothers that were expecting some big deal, but it is nice when immediate family does something for them. I can see when a mom has like 6 kids, but I don't see why each birth can't be celebrated to some extent. Also, why the rude tone for some mothers that have multiple baby shower, or sprinkles or whatever you want to call it. I mean it is something nice. Saying that they are simply to deck her our with items for the baby is like saying that you can only have one wedding due to some old traditions. It's not an arguement.

One thing that I would like to add, you will get some gifts, but that is normal. It is a shower after all. But skip the book.

People think that it is cute to get the book, that it replaces gifts.

It doesn't.

I know it's pretty common and a lot of baby showers are doing it now, but it kind of makes me (personally) feel like the shower-thrower is asking for a gift on top of a gift.

Stick to simple, don't make too many thoughts on how it will look, there is a good chance that it will look different, yet perfect. In the end you will be left with a baby shower that was beautiful and elegant!