Hmmm... new dad tips... where were these when my husband found himself holding a precious bundle of joy?

If you have a spitter put the baby in the carseat to leave before you get dressed, or expect to have to change your clothes again.

If you are working and your wife is staying home make sure she gets a shower before you leave in the morning (if she wants one, this helped me break up days and nights in the early days).

Keep your wife hydrated.

Newborns are noisy sleepers. Don't freak out about all the noises they make when they are sleeping.

So many issues you are going to cross (pacifiers, bedsharing, Cry it out) are going to have people who believe a whole range of different things. Research it a little on your own from an as unbiased source as you can. Follow the safety rules involved if you decide to go for that practice and then don't beat yourself up for the choices you make.

Different things work for different families and that's ok.

Little humans gets sick. And when they do they run a temperature.

People aren't judging you most people couldn't care less about what you're doing. If someone does say something about your parenting, consider what they've said, see if it has any merit to it (for example, maybe you didn't know that you shouldn't put the baby's carseat on top of the grocery cart) if it does yay you learned something.

If it doesn't tell them why your doing things the way you are (I had to explain to quite a few old ladies why my babies weren't wearing coats.

We have a garage, coats aren't supposed to be worn in a carseat, my children spent less time in the cold if we hightailed it into the store than if I stopped to put their coats on them) then move on with your life.

Having a baby changes everything (that is so cliche but it really does). Becoming a parent totally changes your identity. Your no longer you for awhile, your someone's mom or someone's dad. It takes awhile to adjust to being a parent and being a person. But remember happy parents help make happy babies. Make sure both you and the baby's mom get time to just be themselves for a little while.

Whether it is 20 minutes a day which is pretty much all you might get in those early days or a few hours a week. Kids suck the life out of you so there isn't much you can do about that. Make time for you and your wife, she will appreciate it and it will make life better for the two of you.